Malaga airport parking 2018
1 week 37,25 euros / 2 weeks 49,50 euros / 3 weeks 62 euros 

1,75 € per day plus a fixed fee of 25€ per parking occasion*. Vat included. *All cars coming in before 08,00hrs will be subject to an extra charge of 15 euros. If car is to be picked up from Bruno´s and booking is not done an additional fee of 20 euros will be applied. 

The longer you park the cheaper it gets, ex: 30days - 2,58€ per day,  60days - 2,17€per day, 90days - 2,03€ per day, 120days - 1,96€ per day

Quick pick up and drop off procedure! We require 1 set of car keys and a credit card number to be given to us on the first time of use directly when meeting by the airport or previously at our Duquesa head office.

When flying out from Malaga airport, with required pre booking made and with us having 1 set of keys we pick up the car from the public parking of Malaga airport and drive it to one of our compounds close to the airport. Do not forget to leave the public parking ticket in the car for us to pay and come out.

On return to Malaga airport the car will again be driven to the Malaga airport public car park. Pay the amount for the time the car has been in the public parking in the parking machine on the 2nd or ground floor before You drive out. We try to leave the car as close to the time of Your arrival to keep this public parking ticket fee low.

Booking for car pick up and/or car drop off has to be made minimum 24hrs in advance. If the booking is not made when You fly out from Malaga we will not know that we have to pick up the car from the public parking that belongs to the airport and the car will stay there the whole period and You will be responsible to pay the parking ticket of the public parking for the whole period.

Secure open air compound parking at Malaga airport. Must be prebooked at least 24hrs before pickup/dropoff. Our Malaga parking installations are insured through the insurance policy signed by the company. Cars will be moved by our operators inside, between installations and to and from the Malaga airport public parking. During these movements the car has third party cover through us. We do not take any responsibility for items left inside the car and that is on the clients own risk. Neither do we take any responsibility for batteries, mechanical failures, other mechanical misfunctions, eventual damage by the natural elements or any other detorioration. DAMAGES ALREADY ON CAR WILL BE REGISTERED WHEN LEAVING IT WITH US. Important: Cars are being picked up and dropped of at the public parking of the airport. Do not forget to leave the ticket in the car for us to get the car out of the public parking and on Your return the car will be brought to the public parking for You to pick up. The ticket for this public parking that belongs to Malaga airport will be left in the car and must be paid by You before taking the car out. We must always have a sparekey to the car. A car that has been parked for 365 or more days in our installments without contact in writing from the owner will be considered abandoned and therefore removed and scrapped.

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